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apartments for rent and investments with a fixed yield

Real estate is considered one of the safest forms of investment. Investing in flats for rent is the most popular solution. The second option is an investment with a fixed profit, associated with the full ownership purchase of a hotel room or participation in a condo hotel (most often these are apartments in holiday resorts). Each of these investment scenarios can be implemented with us. Ask for the current offer.

Investment apartments

Intended for long-term rental

The purchase of an apartment for rent is the most popular form of investment. Whether or not you make a profit depends on which apartment you buy. It is not only a good location and price that are important but also the size, layout of the rooms, and facilities in the building, i.e. an elevator or a parking space. In choosing the right apartment, take advantage of our experience – ask for an offer.

When commissioning rental services, we will take on burdensome and time-consuming obligations, such as: looking for tenants, managing and controlling rental income, renovations and technical maintenance.

Investments with a fixed rate of ROI

Investments in hotels and tourist resorts

You can choose an investment that is not burdened with complicated service but guarantees a stable profit. You can choose from apartments and hotel rooms operating as part of hotels in large cities. You can also opt for apartments in holiday resorts. Check the current offer.

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Are you looking for investments with a stable return of investment? Or maybe you want to buy an apartment for rent? Contact us and make an appointment.

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